Exploring Nice: Top Attractions and Hidden Gems

A Guide to the Best Places to Visit

Nice, located on the stunning French Riviera, is full of treasures waiting to be explored. Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, a foodie, or a nature lover, this city has something for everyone. Here's a list of the top places to visit in Nice, along with a few must-see spots in the surrounding areas, like Èze and the coastal trails.

1. Promenade des Anglais

Take a stroll along this famous seaside promenade, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Nice's historic architecture.

2. Old Town (Vieux Ville)

Wander through the picturesque and colorful alleyways of Old Town, where you'll find bustling markets, centuries-old churches, and an authentic atmosphere.

3. Castle Hill

Climb to the top of Castle Hill to admire the breathtaking panoramas of the city, the port, and the Bay of Angels. A must-visit for photography enthusiasts.

4. Place Masséna

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this iconic square, surrounded by stunning baroque and neoclassical buildings.

5. Matisse Museum

Explore the life and work of the famous French artist Henri Matisse at this dedicated museum, located in a 17th-century villa surrounded by lush gardens.

6. Èze

Just a few kilometers from Nice, the hilltop village of Èze will enchant you with its medieval charm, cobbled streets, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

8. Nice Port

Stroll along the bustling marina, where you can admire luxury yachts and enjoy fresh seafood at local restaurants.

9. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC)

Explore the modern and contemporary artworks at this fascinating museum, which houses an impressive collection of French and international artists.

10. Parc Phoenix

Escape the city hustle and bustle with a stroll through this beautiful botanical park, where you'll find a wide variety of exotic plants, ponds, and even a zoo.

11. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Admire the majestic architecture of this iconic cathedral, located in the heart of the city, and discover its rich religious heritage.

12. Marc Chagall Museum

Explore the magnificent works of the renowned artist Marc Chagall at this dedicated museum, home to the largest public collection of his paintings.

13. Mont Boron Hill

Hike to the top of this peaceful hill to enjoy panoramic views of the city, the port, and the Mediterranean, as well as beautiful hiking trails.

7. Coastal Trails

Discover the spectacular coastal trails that wind along the Azure Coast, offering stunning landscapes and secluded coves.

Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or an outdoor adventurer, Nice offers a unique experience to every visitor. Take the time to explore these exceptional places and be enchanted by the captivating charm of the French Riviera.